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tv   Journal  LINKTV  January 20, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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>> welcome to the journal, coming to you live from berlin. >> thank you for joining us. the standoff in the ukraine continues. clashes on the streets of kiev. >> the united nations and the big -- upcoming talks about syria. >> time to get to work. >> the violence is continuing in
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kiev. antigovernment protesters have been battling, tensions continue to spiral. over 102 people were injured in clashes. the president refused to sign an accord with european union. harsh new enterprise tests -- anti-protests have made it even harder. >> the violence is even harder for the country, the he has agreed to meet with opposition leaders to end the crisis. >> demonstrators in kiev are calling for help from europe. they want the eu to impose sanctions on the government. he opposition leader appealed to all ukrainians to join the protest in the capital. >> the government is pulling together fighters from all over the country. we have more support, and will band together.
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get in your cars, share taxis, buses, you are needed here so that ukraine will win. >> on monday, downtown cap look like a battle zone. burned-out buses and debris littered the streets as the opposition and police they stop against each other. >> i think the real rest -- national revolution for independence has started, and will topic this regime by force. we do not know what will happen, but we will defend ourselves. >> an estimated 200,000 people joined a peaceful rally to push for quicker elections. two months of protests and revealed little in the way of results. some of turn to violence. people tell -- held stones and multi-cocktails, and were responded by tear gas. >> the police have been holding
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back because we understand they want to provoke us into violence. >> the violent protests were a crime against the state. he called on opposition leaders to and -- and the clashes. >> we are joined by our correspondent kiev. do we know why the president is now willing to talk to the opposition? >> apparently the clashes we saw on sunday deeply impressed the president. the clashes here in camp are still going on. protesters are throwing stun her grades and multiples cocktail at the police. police are answering care suit -- carefully by throwing things back and protesters. it is a deadlock here in gf, neither of the sites one sides -- sides wants to move back.
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they are not ready for compromise yet. >> as tense as the situation seems to be, what do you expect these talks to produce? >> we have seen such talks, roundtable talks between the president and the opposition leaders in december's can and they showed no results. it is very likely that these rounds of talks will lead to no results as well. the president seems unlikely to accept early elections, residential or parliamentary. it is a really deadlocked situation. the talks only take place to smooth the situation here in kiev, and to silence the critics in the west. >> the eeo and the u.s. have condemned tf's new anti- -- keiv's anti-protest loss. do you think we could see new
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sanctions? >> they have called for sanctions from the west, from the united states, and from the european union. we have seen the european union politicians stepping out here in independent square promising to take sanctions against the president and his officials. nothing of that has yet taken place. i doubt that it will happen in the near future. >> and looks to be another tense night ahead in kiev. thank you for joining us. u.n. secretary-general ban ki- moon says intense and urgent discussions are underway in this week's peace talks ontario -- on syria. >> the un's chief was dismayed after ron issued a statement on monday rejecting any preconditions for the talks. the main opposition in the
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syrian national council says it will pull out if they do not cancel the invitation by this evening. >> for more on that we are joined by our middle east expert. this was already said to be an uphill battle, where does this leave the u.n.? >> in a very dangerous situation. it might well be that in the end, the u.n. secretary general would be made responsible for possible failure of the conference. it is a continuation of we have seen in the recent mode -- months and weeks. many specialist did not expect this conference to take place, and it is still in danger two days before it starts. >> if they do get through this, and the conference does take place, the president has been talking about running for election. against a background like that, is there any hope -- any hope of concrete progress? >> he is a lot stronger than he
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was four or five months ago. but whatever the case, they have to negotiate. even if the result is only a limited truce for lack of something that the syrian government has offered quite recently, or the chance for some people south of damascus to believe -- to leave the little villages where they have been for the last months, that would be big successes for the people on the ground. >> the role of radical endless list -- islamist fighters has come gated the situation for the u.s.. where does washington stand? >> they have seemed to change the position, especially after september when they became a partner in destroying chemical weapons. if al qaeda is gaining ground in syria, as it did in the last eight or nine months, we would
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see the u.s. moving towards the regime, even further. >> thank you. we will be back in just a moment. >> meanwhile, the european union has lifted some sanctions on iran. this comes after tara and -- h tehran announced they had suspended high-level uranium enrichment. >> six world powers and iran are to negotiate a deal that defines the scope of arabian activities. back to our middle east expert. how high is the confidence that the six-month deal will lead to a permanent solution? >> i do not believe it at all. it is more likely that we will see several interim agreements in the next couple of years. sadly because the differences between the positions of the united states and iran are still
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very wide. this interim agreement has only added more time, not in -- solved any outstanding issue. >> is there any talk that the sanctions may be one debris on post -- one day reimposed? >> if there's no solution afterwards, i expect that sanctions will be a reimposed in six months, but that would be a lot more difficult than letting them now. >> why is that? >> and has caused a lot of elliptical capital -- it has cost a lot of political capital. they have spent a lot of effort to convince partners and non- partners in the european union to bring these sanctions. that will have to start again. they would have to convince all sorts of layers that these
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engines are worthwhile to be there. >> thank you. >> in the central african republic, lawmakers have elected a woman to serve as interim president until new elections can be held. >> she is the mayor of the capital. she told on the muslim rebels on the christian militias to lay down their arms. there were scenes of celebration after the elections. >> foreign nationals have agreed to support -- >> french forces in the central african republic could soon be joined by soldiers from other european countries. eu foreign ministers have agreed on a mission to secure the capital and its airport, so that urgently needed aid can safely reach the country. >> ministers agreed that the
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price was right for this operation. they would operate in the capital area for six months. >> this decision is a diplomatic victory for france. they called for assistance from the european union partners. >> this is an important development in a situation that is difficult. as head of french to policy, i am especially pleased because this was a request that came from france. >> just how big the european mission will be has not been settled. for germany, it may make more sense to offer help and molly, another troubled former french colony. >> all this means is that countries that make contributions must decide for themselves whether they do so in mali, or the central african republic. because we only discussed the
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central african republic today, i assume that european countries will offer assistance there. >> she stabbed -- traveled to paris on tuesday. >> at least 60 people have been killed in terror bombings in baghdad. there has been no claim of responsibility for but sunni militant groups have often set off core dating -- coordinated bombings. >> one of the world plus most influential -- world's most influential work or struck conductors has died. >> he died in bologna at the age of 80, having conducted many of the world's most procedures
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orchestras -- was tedious orchestras. >> he became a much loved and respected conductive who worked with the world's leading orchestras. he was also passionate about opera. ♪ his interpretation of elektra, with the berlin philharmonic orchestra was a huge success in 1995. after five years as the music director of the vienna state opera, he was elected head of the berlin philharmonic in 1990 nine. he worked with the orchestra until 2002. [applause] he and the orchestra were acclaimed throughout the world,
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and here in st. petersburg. under his guidance the film about a -- the philemon act -- the philharmonic developed a transparent sound. allowing each instructor his work. he insisted that all musicians listened closely to each other, and was prepared to learn from others. >> of course i make mistakes, everyone makes mistakes. i think it is stupid if someone sticks to an idea even if it is wrong. if something is better for the music about then why should we listen to ideas that come from soloists or the musicians in the orchestra? >> he would always return to several favorite works, trying to discover the menu -- them
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anew. his insatiable. often he had always been a source of inspiration -- insatiable durian said he had always been a source of inspiration. inspiration. >> >> if you're a sci-fi fan committed will be in him and you will never forget. being woken up in a pod on a long journey deep in outer space. >> it is not certainly weaker, it is a probe called rosetta. ->> rosetta spent 957 days sipping through space. on board alarm clock woke the probe of justice -- up, just as
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the scientists had hoped. she is beginning reparations to rendezvous with a comment. it is set to drop a space later on the comment, scanning the comet's i see servi -- icy surface. >> it will be the first time anyone lance something on a comet. >> the pristine or mains from the formation of the solar system. because of the icy temperatures about their material has remained largely unchanged since they were created. scientists hope the mission will revive more clues about how the solar system came into existence. >> one of the most fantastic missions ever, and i wrote -- on i am proud of having the chance to work on this mission. >> rosetta is more than 800
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million kilometers away, but his signal came through loud and clear. >> in a moment, the outlook for chin'sa's economy. >> a suicide bomber has the 13 people near pakistan. at least five of the dead were soldiers. the attack comes a day after militants killed troops in a army compound. the taliban has claimed responsibility. >> terrorists have posted an online video where they claim o responsibility for the attacks that killed citizens in volgograd. >> firefighters have gained the upper hand against their
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bushfires. this is just the beginning of what you said -- is what is to be set as a dangerous fire season. >> 6.3 magnitude earthquake has struck new zealand out of the capital -- north of the capital. linkedin -- in wellington, the huge plastic eagle crashed down from the ceiling. it was promoting the movie, the hobbit. imagine for a moment, the you saying that europe's economy was growing and it wil -- at a rate please stand by years. >> exports of consumer goods have kept china's economy
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humming for years. slowing economic growth in your up and emerging markets -- in europe and emergeing markets have slowed. since then, the great of growth has been steadily dropping. analysts expect that trend to continue. as china grapples with a shrieking workforce, and other structural problems. on monday, they had of statistics says that growth would remain low while the government implemented rewards -- reforms. boost congesting -- domestic consumer demand, and base more on exports. >> germany's largest bank has reported eight surprise fourth quarter loss. >> they've been hit by scandals
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in the last couple of years provided they are still taking their toll. and also chalked up losses on risky investments, trade revenues were down. the chief executive says that 2014 is to be a year of further challenges. they did say they were confident on reaching their targets for next year. trouble for a bank as big as deutsche bank could mean trouble for the whole market. >> deutsche bank shocked investors with its losses in the fourth quarter, the shares were tumbling, impacting the entire financial sector in europe. it could be threatened by new legal problems. other european banks may also deliver bad news.
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it was under pressure because of the weak economic growth in china. it fell below its record high. >> let's take a look at the numbers for you. they ended the day just a third of april low -- eight percent low =---a third of a percent low. >> electronics group philips will no longer medevac sure television sets, once a mainstay of its business. it is selling its remaining 30% stake to his partner, tp vision of china. >> televisions will be sold under the brand, and it will receive loyalties -- loyalties -- royalties. it is citing stiff competition
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from samsung and lg. >> the panama canal authorities has projected mdu opportunity -- an eu consortium over conflict of a payment of 1.2 billion euros in extra costs. the carmaker is reportedly close to a deal with china, to get a much-needed cash injection. >> the ailing french company revealed more bad sales numbers, and said it wanted to offload its seven percent stake in the company. they hope to raise 3 billion euros in the deal, which would be in acquiring 14% stake. >> the cost of energy is going
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to be one of the big political issues this year. >> and wants to cut the subsidies to renewables like wind power, which is partly to blame for the rising prices for consumers. the social democrats are heading up that amount they are angela merkel's coalition partners. >> some say it is a step in the wrong direction. >> wind turbine countries like this one will see orders slip this year. just and that would end subsidies paid and dissolving our official rising levels, forcing these energy sources to compete on the free market. the government hopes to better coordinate the switch to renewable energy and curb rising electricity rises, but the opposition and environmental groups warned that the momentum toward green energy could be stopped. >> it is right to discuss the
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cost of electricity, but not by hurting development in the green energy sector. >> the energy minister says it is important to consider the interests of chairman industry. -- chairman industry -- german industry. >> everyone who has been hurt by the most, will exaggerate their interest. they will say this is the downfall of the socialist -- of civilization. our most important concern is to cap a rise in energy costs. in principle, we are on the right path. >> the debate will continue, with billions at stake for the renewable energy sector. >> with the winter olympics just two and a half weeks away but germany has unveiled its national team uniforms. some 160 chairman athletes have received their new apparel. >> it wasn't your usual fashion
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show, they gathered at an army barracks outside munich to get their gear. each of them was outfitted at no less than 69 pieces of clothing, as well as detailed instructions specified when and where to where it. distinct dress codes for arrivals, and interviews, and even leisure hours at the olympic village. keeping supposed -- keeping sports on a tight leash. the spaniard this past -- dispatched germans came in three sets. roger federer is in the quarterfinals, he demolished the 20th seed and straight set. >> maria sharapova made no fewer than 45 unforced errors, and was
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knocked out by slow boat -- slovakia. >> the two great -- toppe ranked teams will go head-to- head in the super bowl. >> the broncos will be up against the team with the best event for the seattle seahawks. they defeated the 49ers for their only second ever super bowl. >> who will you be in -- rooting for? >> the broncos, never go against peyton manning and in the clutch. >> thank you. that is all for us.
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>> in the newsroom, these are the headlines this hour. ofn begins to dismantle some its nuclear facilities as part of an international agreement, earning sanctions relief. the question hangs over the geneva peace talks for syria. the decision to invite iran has angered western traditions. president of the troubled central african republic is urging christian and muslim militias to lay down their arms.


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